June 2019 - Newsletter

June 2019 – Newsletter

Voyage 4 / Week 36
– The Atlantic Crossing


Captain Joachim and crew began the great Atlantic crossing on May 20th from Halifax, Canada destined for Horta in the Azores.  After discharging Canada’s first consignment of sail shipped coffee in decades, the crew was prepared for the blue ocean sailing ahead.  At first, the conditions were fierce with near freezing winds and heavy rains but as the crew progressed so did the weather improve.  With the North Atlantic currents working in the AVONTUUR’s favour and the winds filling the sails, the crew arrived in Horta only 16 days later on June 4th.

The Port of Horta is the only harbour to have hosted the AVONTUUR on all voyages to date.  Truly a major supporter of Cargo Under Sail and as such we feel compelled to support local trade.  The crew provisioned at farmers markets plus loaded local organically certified honey and the famed Peter Cafe Gin which is highly anticipated by our German Gin loving fans!  The challenges faced by these local and sustainable producers are that there is no way for them to export their goods in the same manner they are produced.  A challenge that is surly echoed worldwide.

Now this crew has passed the difficult Bay of Biscay and the English Channel and is now only days away from arriving in Helgoland, the last stop before the big Hamburg offloading event!  For insight into life onboard, check out Shipmate Antje’s recent and telling account from sailing on the AVONTUUR HERE.  

The Hamburger Hafenmuseum offloading event Voyage 3 – 2018! Image from Ulrich Stelzner.

AVONTUUR Arrival Event – Voyage 4


Voyage 4 – The AVONTUUR covered over 15,500 nautical miles in nine months almost exclusively by wind power. On July 6th, the crew and more than 100 volunteers will unload the precious goods from overseas traditionally by hand in the best event of the year.

The 16 person crew will dock on Saturday morning at approximately 0900h on July 6th at the Hafenmuseum Hamburg on the quay in Bremen.  You are invited to join us for the arrival welcoming.  On the day we will have food and drinks available plus the opportunity to learn more about our strong cargo partners and their mission to support a clean shipping alternative!


Volunteers Wanted!


Have you ever offloaded a 99 year old sail cargo ship before?  Well, here’s your chance.  We are currently looking for volunteer stevedores to help us offload the AVONTUUR.  Food and drinks will be provided plus we will have an after party with live music.  Join the community taking climate action and making Cargo Under Sail a reality.  You can sign up HERE.  At the moment, this registration form is only available in German but you can write us at contact@timbercoast.com to sign up.  All volunteers will meet at Hamburg Hafenmuseum at 0900h and we will begin offloading the AVONTUUR at 9:30.

Upon Arrival!

In addition to the NEW to arrive Voyage 4 – AVONTUUR products including rum agricole from Madeira, organic Merlot from Bordeaux, Sailed Korn in Chateaux Margeaux barrels, Sea Salt, organically certified Mexican Coffee, we would like to highlight some of the other newest additions to our line up.


Peter Café Sport – Gin do Mar

From the most famous sailing pub in the world. The “Peter Café Sport” which a hundred years ago served as a post-station for sailors that sailed back across the Atlantic.  For the first time in a long time they would touch ground with plenty of stories to tell.  Also, it is famous for its hospitality and especially their gin and tonics. José Henrique Azevedo, a fourth generation owner, has now developed his own gin liqueur which he calls “Peter Café Sport – Gin do Mar”. A limited edition of 300 bottles went on board the AVONTUUR for arrival on July 6th.


Honey Rum Liquor from Madeira

With a clear appearance and without additives the amber colour of this spirit glows.  From its aroma comes notes of honey, citrus fruits, and spices.  The taste is sweet with notes of honey, rum, and oak.
Best served cold with ice and a slice of lemon. 23% alc.


Honey – Mel do Faial

The island of Faial in the Azores currently has 42 beekeepers and 541 bee colonies.  Renown for its succulent honey and given the speed at which this honey sold out last year, this a sweet treat not to be missed.  We are proud to be able to support local beekeepers in the Azores by offering a way to ship their goods in a manner that is in line with their organically certified actions.

You will be able to find these’s AVONTUUR sailed goods and more at www.timbercoast.de